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Winter Running Tips

Guide for Running in Winter

MAY 18 2010

It is essential that you prepare yourself for winter running. You should wear layers of dressing to keep your body warm up. This includes nylon jacket, sockliners, gloves and shoes. You should walk in a group and on fresh snow rather than packed. These winter running tips will save you from any of the mishaps.

Chilling weather with lots of snow around and freezing temperature should in no way dampen your running routine. You need to be a bit careful when you go out to run in winter months, since you have to keep your energy levels high up.

You need to pay attention to the temperature of your city, how cold it really is there, since if the wind is very harsh, it will simply penetrate your body. If this is the case it is better if you stay indoors and use treadmill for exercising.

Working on the treadmill also produces the same effect as running outside.

Dressing up for Running

But if you are the one who is bent on running outside then make sure, you have fully protected your body before you move out in the morning. Apart from the winter jacket, it is essential that you also protect your hands and feet from the chilly weather. For this you need to wear gloves and good quality socks so as to wick away the moisture. For hands, mittens are also a good option. You can also wear a sock liner under your socks which too will help you to keep warm.

The kind of clothes you wear when you go for running is equally important. You should rather stay away from cotton, instead wear synthetic material like polypropylene. This is effective in keeping the moisture at bay and hence you won’t have to suffer from the sweat problem. Apart from this you can also wear nylon as an outer covering, this will give you protection from the chilly winds.

Tips for Winter Running

It is also suggested that you go out with friends for running in the morning times, so that they give you company and in case of any mishaps due to fog or visibility problem they are there with you.

You also need to be aware of the traction which the road on which you run provides you. It is better if you run on fresh snow rather than packed ice, this will increase your traction as well as reduce the chances of slipping. Don’t think it is winter months, so you won’t be needing water. In fact in winter too you should not let your body become dehydrated and so drink plenty of fluids.

If you run in the wee hours of the morning when it is too dark, make sure you are wearing reflective vest or flashing lights so as to remain visible from distance.

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