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Would You Like to Customize Your Running Shoes

Have You Ever Customized Your Running Shoes?

APR 18 2008

For me, the sport of running is one of the ways that I express my self, my feelings and my individuality. I feel that I discovered most of who I am and who I want to be while running. I have also expressed my individuality, not to mention gained comfort and top performance while running, in customizing my running shoes.

What are custom-made running shoes? Different people have different feet. Feet vary in size, in shape, in foot arch, in medical conditions and in structural needs.

Sometimes the same person has different foot measurements and foot needs in each foot. That is where custom-made running shoes come into play. These shoes are for those people that cannot find the perfect fitting shoes with the perfect needs that go with each foot.

Custom-fit running shoes are different from custom-made running shoes. Custom-fit running shoes are mass produced and they coincidentally fit your feet. However, custom-made running shoes are not mass produced and are individually made and tailored from your particular feet, even if each foot has different sizes and needs.

Custom-made running shoes are shoes that are made only and especially for you. Because each individual is unique and each foot is unique, there may be no other shoes exactly like the shoes that you have if you customized your running shoes. In creating your custom-made running shoes, the makers will take into account your particular needs and conditions such as your health needs, where and when you will wear your running shoes and your body structure.

How does one customize oneís running shoes? First, it is important to get the exact measurements of your feet, measuring the footís length and the width. Second, you must determine the exact physical features of your feet taking into account pressure distributions, the blisters or the bunions and corns that you may have, the kind of foot arch that you may have or any other health or medical condition that you may have that affects your feet. Sometimes, the shoemaker provides for these services but it is advisable to consult your podiatrist, chiropractor or physician to accurately determine what your foot needs are. Third, decorate the running shoes with whatever color, design or drawing you might think of. Some manufacturers design the running shoes for you. Either way you get to express yourself while being creative and obtaining the perfect shoes for you.

The prices of custom-made running shoes may seem expensive but in reality they are only as expensive as the top of the line running shoes that are mass produced and are out in the market. When you think about it, customized running shoes may even be considered cheaper as they may be resoled at a lower price than a pair of newly-bought running shoes. Customized running shoes are not only perfect for you they are also durable and long-lasting. In the last analysis, you canít really put a price tag on the comfort and protection that a pair of customized running shoes can provide for you. So, would you like to customize your running shoes? I would.

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