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Youngest Person to Run a Marathon

Who is the Youngest Person to Run a Marathon

MAR 11 2011

Marathon is one of the hottest sports today that captivates the interest of many people because of the kind of satisfying experience it provides to everyone. But did the thought of the youngest person to run a marathon ever crossed your mind? If you are curious and you want to discover who that person is, this article is the one you need to read.

Believe it or not, the youngest person who ran a marathon is a 4 year old boy. This is kind of unbelievable right?

Know the Youngest Person to Run a Marathon

After running 40 miles in the marathon, four years old Budhia Singh from India had been labeled as the world’s marathon boy. Because of this one of a kind achievement that made the world awestruck of him he was considered to be an athletic phenomenon thus, making him India’s Wonder Kid. At the races which he participated in, he was able to finish races that are up to 60 kilometers in 6 hours and 30 minutes. This is a very incredible ability for a kid especially for a 4-year old. No wonder, he gained the admiration of the world when it comes to this sport. Because of this, he was also called “Forest Gump”.

Because of the child’s extraordinary talent, his fame did not just spread to the media but to the Indian government as well which later granted him scholarship.

The fame of this wonder kid did not just end after he became India’s Wonder Kid because he also appeared in several TV commercials. Because of the fact that Budhia is just a poor boy who was sold by his mother The fame and commercials of Budhia was said to have led to financial gains of his late coach Mr. Biranchi Das.

Because of this controversy, das had been accused of exploitation. This was also followed by the official inquiry of the Indian child welfare officials that had been launched on January 4. After the proceedings that have been made to investigate the controversy, it has been proven that the alleged money has never been received by Das.

It was on May 8, 2006 when the Indian government ordered Budhia to stop running until he is 11 years old to protect his health and rights as a child. To make sure that he will have a bright future, he was granted with a sports scholarship for excellence.

On August 13, 2007 Das was arrested due to suspicion of torture upon the accuse of Singh that he was beaten and withheld with food due to his coach’s refusal for him to quit running. In accordance with the police’s statement, they arrested and charged Das with criminal intimidation. Das’ side, claimed that it was the family of Singh who made up the charges against him due to financial reasons.

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